Our Process


Maintain up-to-date materials catalogues and technicalities. Review the complete brief and scope of work, then define business challenges/opportunities and goals. Conduct primary research, such as analysing journals and online information. Secondary research follows, including interviews and market study. Tertiary research includes the industry, competitors and history. Define the new brand strategy, outlining positioning, messaging and brand voice.


Set the mood board and color palette of the space or brand identity on a digital platform. Finalise the design concept, detail the font system, forms, and material specifications and technicalities. Explore alternate approaches to achieving the design proposed. Solidify design language, initiate sample sourcing or printing, and curate palettes. Arrive at budgets (if not turnkey).


Finalise drawings, schematics and tentative budgets (if not turnkey). Review all designs, branding concepts and samples before final execution. Get all materials intended for the space on one board (physical samples). Refine steps based on budgets, timelines, current site conditions etc. Start with 3D developments.


Prior to execution, conduct final review of design, materials and execution. Finalise primary and alternate materials, brands and makes, tackling cost or lead time challenges as needed. Share final design deck, brand guidebook, materials palette, costing and site schedule with the client. Float tenders among trusted, experienced contractors and essential executors.


Typically, once work has begun, DPG will oversee the entire process with daily site visits and use DPG-sourced executors. The time spent on site execution shall be subject to the project’s current situation and market conditions. In situations where the client or architect uses their own executors, DPG will conduct periodic site visits to ensure a smooth process and avoid mishaps. All our deliverables are handed over with finesse and organization to exceed client expectations. We also provide necessary support after project hand over.