About Us

Design Palette Goenka is a first-of-its-kind material library and interior design studio based in Bangalore. Ameeshi Goenka founded DPG after gaining extensive experience in space design and material specifications, having worked with renowned retail design firm FRDC in Bangalore and residential design firm StudioWB in Kolkata.
DPG collaborates with leading industry experts such as Shivalik Roy (MD of the Royale Touche Inc. laminate company), Nav Krishna (founder of lighting company Rousing Design) and Ammar Nawab (Senior Architect and Project Head, ABA International).
Our mission is to continually raise the bar for the industry’s standards of excellence for
spatial design, hassle-free execution and handover, and longevity at the best possible price tag!. DPG is heavily research driven, with design guided by the geographic location, aesthetic appeal and functional intent of each space. We constantly keep ourselves updated on the latest material and design trends while achieving unique, custom workmanship in our projects. We believe in a tailored, efficient approach to finding the best way to fulfil each client’s vision, keeping in mind the current scenario and long-term goals for the space. We work closely with the architects, contractors, designers and end users of the space.
DPG provides services to both the Pan-India and international markets.